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Amazon and Azure Infrastructure Engineering Services

Hybrid Cloud deployments AWS and Azure

Think about it – Leveraging our expertise to shorten your time and risk in the adoption of hybrid cloud solutions for enterprise applications, test and development, backup, and recovery. We provide the assessment, design, migration, and deployment with full adherence to best practices in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Datacenter Extension Jumpstart to Amazon or Azure

Think about it – Build the strategy to fully leverage a blended on premise or cloud infrastructure. Our experienced architects review your existing IT infrastructure and applications, match to the correct Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure features and security processes, plus design optimization strategies to successfully migrate select workloads.

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Application Migration to Amazon or Azure

Think about it – We simplify and take the guess work out of cloud and data center migration planning, providing accurate costing and impact analysis.

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IaaS in Amazon

Think about it – Replace aging DR strategies or bring up new production applications in a highly available, scalable and secure solution. Amazon delivers a robust network infrastructure, where roles are deployed redundantly across Availability Zones, with Load Balancing and Health Check Monitoring, multiple levels of security and security groups, network ACLs, and public/private subnets. All without a contract in a pay as you go model on a global scale.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions using ADFS in Amazon

Think about it – Enable single-sign-on (SSO) to access the Office 365 service and provide high availability for your Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) infrastructure by moving these components into your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leverage AWS global elasticity, pay as you go model, scalable, secure network, high availability, and site resiliency, removing the dependencies on managing your own data centers.

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Virtual NetApp in Amazon

Think about it – A purpose built virtual NetApp to leverage the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with all the on premise features like multiprotocol, Snapshot™ copies, FlexClone® volumes, FlexVol® volumes, thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, SnapMirror®, SnapVault®, and SVM at a fraction of the expense.

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Global Online File Collaboration

Think about it – Take backups of unstructured data off the table and provide global file Collaboration for remote office applications to work and perform as if it were local, no more Distributed File System Replications (DFS-R), no remote backup, no training required.

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Microsoft Engineering Services

Directory Federation and Single-Sign-On

Think about it – Simplify the end user experience with Single-sign-on (SSO) on for key solutions like Office 365, SalesForce, and Box.

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Collaboration with Lync On-Premise or Office 365

Think about it – We implement this cutting edge collaboration tool so your work community is more responsive.

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Comprehensive IT Managed Services

Comprehensive IT Service Agreements

Think about it – We excel in our area of competency and can provide onsite services leveraging your current environment as a managed service concept by augmenting your staff. Our unique teaming model fully engages you in the process and is not a complete outsource of all IT service and responsibility. All professional services are done while working with your IT staff members or vendors as require and not performed in a vacuum.

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Managed Backup & Recovery Service in Amazon

Think about it – We perform ongoing management of the backup environment to ensure successful completion of scheduled jobs into Amazon Web Services (AWS). More importantly we provide periodic recovery test to validate the backup and recovery process.

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