Storage and Backup

Storage and Backup…Centralize….Reduce….Simplify

Ever considered an easy-to-manage, tiered pool of storage, securely accessed by servers across a standard Ethernet network? What if you could reduce disk capacity requirements by almost 90%? It can be done.

Let SYSCOM help you get there

We’ve got the intelligent arrays that automatically tier your storage according to use. We can modernize your backup and recovery, help you adapt to data growth and virtualization, and streamline management of terabytes to petabytes of data. We can make it easier on you and your team.


Let Syscom help you modernize your storage and backup processes


  • Advanced virtualization and data protection features for enterprises of all sizes
  • Automatic system expansion
  • Expand capacity, performance and network bandwidth online without downtime
  • Increase availability to 99.999%
  • Quick recovery from disk or backup to tape
  • Consolidate assets across multiple OS environments

Why not make storage provisioning and management easy?

Let SYSCOM show you how.


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