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This has been a guiding truth for us for more than 30 years. It’s why we have grown like we have and enjoy premier status with many vendors. It’s simply bigger than the box. And, we are passionate about helping those who buy from us. But, we also understand that not everyone buys gear from us. While we hope to corner the market, we value you no matter where you bought your equipment. And, we can help you integrate, maintain and keep your system healthy.

Health Check


Syscom provides system integration and maintenance services that keep you and your team ahead of the game.

SYSCOM provides a range of service and maintenance programs designed to help keep your equipment in top shape and running great. Our health check program is a great example. We will analyze and test your gear and make sure that it is running as it should. If there are any issues, our engineers will report the findings and can even suggest great next steps.

Health Check Services deliver an exhaustive checkup of your current investment under best practice guidelines based on the specific product and manufacturer. Take advantage of the latest features and review of your current configuration while getting more out of your current investment.

  • Riverbed
  • Dell EqualLogic
  • Exchange
  • Mimosa NearPoint Archive

You will maximize the lifecycle and your IT investment.

Datacenter Architecture

We work with datacenters all day long, every day.

Server utilization, power and cooling, virtualization and many other areas should be mapped out with growth and scaling plans in place. This will keep your future investments in line with plans and top management happy.

If you need help installing equipment, our engineers are versed in a wide array of products, and we partner with the major networking vendors.

Other Areas

We also customize our maintenance programs based upon your situation, the technology involved and other key characteristics. SYSCOM provides knowledge transfer services designed to keep your team at the top of their game.

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“SYSCOM is geared to fast response and implementation. It’s the way they’ve designed themselves. Businesses that need leading edge solutions right away don’t have to sacrifice service or cost.”

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