SYSCOM makes IT assessment and execution easy

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Syscom helps you find the best solution possible to manage your IT world

Syscom provides a variety of assessments geared towards helping you gain insight into your technology environment to find the best solution possible. Our engineering team is led by senior members who thoroughly analyze your environment and offer expert-level remediation guidance. In every case, we offer full remediation services following the assessment review or enable your team to execute on the remediation plans. Some of our key Assessment and Health Check focus areas include:

Virtualization Assessment

Virtual infrastructures in organizations are evolving. As a result, the idea that a virtual environment can simplify the management of server deployments, streamline maintenance, and reduce capital and operational costs is becoming a reality. However, lack of planning and visibility within the infrastructure can create obstacles. Our engineers will conduct thorough analysis of your current environment using industry standard tools and extensive experience. We will analyze your configuration for design anomalies, performance issues, and perform a thorough best practices analysis. This will help mitigate potential risks and by providing a remediation plan.

  • Collect VMware vSphere inventory, configuration, and utilization data
  • Analyze data to generate a report card to present observations, findings, and data categorized by VMware best practices
  • Discover and collect information about your virtual environment, including component and configuration settings; provide comprehensive visual reports for analysis, documentation, and decision-making support
  • Provide a “current state” analysis of your vSphere environment and compare with configuration data
  • Utilize VMware vSphere best practices to provide a visual overview of your virtual environment

*We can perform assessments of VMware vSphere, Citrix, or Hyper-V. 

VDI Assessment

More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization—cost savings, ease of management, improved security, and platform independence. The challenge has been to determine where to start and where virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will be the best fit for your organization. Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment helps you understand the server, storage, and network needs for your unique environment and pick the right desktops to virtualize. An assessment provides a clear starting point and helps you make fact-based implementation decisions with data derived from your own applications and deployed assets.

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure assessment takes a deep dive into many areas of your client computing paradigm including: Business drivers, Users and locations, Breakdown by department and function, Access infrastructure and network, End-user computers and applications.

Our assessment methodology is designed to take the collected data and turn it into meaningful information. Each desktop is analyzed for how well it fits into a virtualized environment.

Best practices would be to sort out any desktops and users that are not good candidates for the first wave of VDI and start with the best fit desktops/users. We provide a remediation plan / roadmap to remediate the conditions that are making some desktops/users less than ideal fits and evaluate their readiness for the next round of virtualization.

Network Visibility Assessment; includes application mapping

Our Network Visibility Assessment truly bridges the gap between what you think is happening on your network and what is actually happening on your network to deliver a clear picture of your network infrastructure. If your organization is looking to upgrade or expand your network, the first step is to understand the capabilities and shortcomings of your existing network. We can help. Our Network Assessment identifies equipment that needs to be upgraded and reviews performance issues such as bottlenecks. If network issues are uncovered, we can provide remediation plans to fix the problems and optimize your network’s performance. A key component of this assessment is application dependency mapping of up to 5 applications and their posture on the network. Which systems are talking to who and vice versa?  This provides a clear picture as to performance posture of applications and how network design, traffic, or configuration may influence this. Additional benefits of this mapping exercise are: understating system dependency to facilitate data center moves, effect of network on application upgrades etc.

*additional applications can be mapped as well as part of an augmented assessment.

Physical Network Assessment; includes asset inventory

To keep up with the constant demand for greater bandwidth and higher speeds, many organizations have undergone rapid network expansion—without the accompanying documentation. Acquisitions, merging networks, and legacy infrastructures can also create uncertainty about how each asset fits into your overall network environment. It’s time to take a step back and look at your network holistically. Our Physical Network Assessment can help. It provides you with comprehensive discovery of your IT network, documentation of its current state, code levels, compliance metrics, and a performance analysis for each appliance. Eliminate blind spots and reduce troubleshooting time by gaining complete network discovery, network construct views, and topology visualization for multivendor environments

Exchange and Active Directory

A proper Microsoft Active Directory design is critical to a functional network and organization. How do you grade your organization on deploying, managing, or extending its Active Directory infrastructure today? Do you have the required components, services, and related audit trails to support your requirements? Our Microsoft Active Directory Assessment provides a detailed analysis of your existing environment with recommendations and remediation plans.

Exchange assessments are often paired with Active Directory assessments due to their dependency on each other. Syscom provides a readiness assessment of the Exchange environment and communicates any areas of concern and recommended remediation steps in a formal Findings and Recommendations document. Our team can install the latest recommended Service Packs and Update Rollups for all Exchange Servers and test functionality afterward.

Backup Assessment

Syscom’s comprehensive backup assessment checks the health and readiness of your on premise solutions to meet the defined RPO and RTO’s. Senior Engineers provide a thorough review of the current backup process and architecture in place today, which systems are currently backed up and their schedules to ensure all systems are protected. A backup test ensures existing backups can be restored using the current infrastructure and processes along with a report on the status and any findings which deviate from best practices.

Cloud Ready? Syscom also delivers a design to meet your RPO / RTO requirements on the Amazon platform as a service.

Storage Assessment

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the cost of storing and managing data, while the volume of data that needs to be stored is growing exponentially. Inflexible and inefficient storage designs have resulted in very low utilization of resources. Through migration of older environments and consolidation of dispersed storage area network (SAN) islands, a significant improvement in utilization, availability, and reduction in complexity can be achieved. Syscom Technologies performs a quantitative and qualitative data storage assessment with primary emphasis on maximizing your current storage environment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

See if your IT environment is ready for a cloud deployment. We take the guesswork out by accurately forecasting the cost within AWS or AZURE based on your actual workload performance and verify your IT environment is ready for a cloud deployment. Syscom offers a Jumpstart Service to extend your data center into the AWS infrastructure. We can train your team and migrate you into the next generation infrastructure designed for high availability, scale-out, and geographical diversity.

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